We are currently building the map, testing the mods, and creating this wiki. We are open for player registrations as we will be public for a limited amount of time! Metastus is an up and coming newly made server in the Minecraft world. With a whopping 1500+ MB of RAM, this is one server worth joining. A unique server adress and a whitlisted community of 50 allows a collabrative gaming session that isn't over-worked. Not to mention, the server will be constantly running 24/7.



Metastus follows the background lore composed by Alamatora. It is comprised of various mythological elements, depicting the history of the world from its creation to the present. This lore will continue to be written and added to as time passes, documenting the legacy of nations.

Interested? The lore all begins with the creation of the world and its creater, Astus.


Modifications, or mods, are plugins designed to enhance the gameplay of Minecraft. To view the complete list of mods, see the Plugins page.

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